Colleen Hoeppner

Colleen has worked in the commercial real estate industry since 2013. Prior to joining Capital, Colleen was the Operations Manager for the Winnipeg office of a global commercial real estate firm. In that position, she worked within the executive leadership team and played a key role in implementing essential business processes, coordinating projects, and developing operational strategies.  Throughout her career, Colleen has developed strong relationships with commercial real estate experts including owners/landlords, tenants, contractors, and other real estate professionals.  These connections help provide invaluable collaborations and understanding of others’ needs and perspectives.

As Director of Transaction Management for Capital Commercial Investment Services (CCIS),  Colleen will leverage her expertise and bring a client-centric approach to enhance CCIS capabilities and ensure seamless deal administration. As a licensed real estate registrant, Colleen understands the intricacies of her role and can contribute significantly to the team’s efforts to deliver efficient and effective solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Colleen holds a Bachelor’s degree and has completed the Business Administration program at Red River College.